Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Okay, I had a dream last night but I’m not exactly sure if Thorn will allow it to count for points. I say that because I dreamt of a giant turtle. Now the reason I’m not sure if it counts is because the largest turtle (Leatherback Turtle) is already huge in comparison to humans. What I would like to claim is interacting with a much larger creature and maybe even climbing the creature.

So basically I dreamt of a lake area. I was following someone over floating stepping stones across the lake. Near the middle of the lake was a giant stepping stone, and I could tell it was connected to the four stepping stones around it. I realised it was a sleeping turtle. The person I was following had already stepped on its back, so I decided I best try. I jumped onto the closest stone, which happened to be the back left flipper of the turtle. (The turtle was so big I could easily have laid down on the flipper). As soon as I made to jump on the next flipper the turtle woke up. I tried to cling to the flipper but fell into the water. Upon getting out I had to see a swamp nurse who declared I had pneumonia. /me sneezes

So I definitely feel like I interacted with a much larger creature. I would say I also climbed the creature, but perhaps Thorn met climb like a ladder, not simply try and use as stepping stones then cling to. :peek:

Medium LD, no tasks done

Eilatan, just tell me if you fit this condition, and I’ll give you the points if so. It’s not clear in your post.

[com]EDIT: She clarified things in IRC and gets the points. She also said she was in character.[/com]

En’enra, there were tasks for walking through grass and entering a mouse hole! Your dream was basically setting you up for tasks! :tongue:

The scores are updated.

I had the longest lucid dream I have ever had. I achieved it through a WILD, which i have been trying to do for a while now. All the signs were there… the vibrations, the fast heartbeat, the hallucinations, and of course… the LD. In the LD I did a ton of tasks… My goal was to literally speedrun them before my time ran out. Here is how it went down.

edit, I put in a spoiler because this post is waaay too big

SPOILER - Click to view

I spawned in a field, instantly lucid and ready to do tasks. There were two DC’s beside me.One had short brown hair and one with gelled up blonde hair. There was also a patch of snow on the ground, just like I was trying to incubate. I went up to it and went crazy, I walked all over it and even rolled in it! After that I made some snow balls and threw them at the DC’s who were relatively silent at this time. They grabbed some snow back and started pummeling me in the snowball fight. I ran behind a snow mound for cover… I tried to think of other tasks that had to be completed for the LC… I remembered a lot of them had to do with LC participants. The first person that came to mind was obfusc8… so I looked at the sky and screamed “come here, obfu…obfus…uhh” I couldn’t remember how to pronounce obfusc8. I also remembered that there was a number somewhere in that username but my dream mind wasn’t acting logical enough for me to figure out how to say his name. So I got flustered and tried to think of other people. The second person that came to mind was Thorn. That name was easy enough to say! so I looked at the sky and said “Come here, Thorn!” but nothing happened. I tried again, nothing… then I remembered there were tasks based around Sculpting the LC host… so I took some snow and made a sculpture of thorn and then brought it to life. It worked, and he was standing infront of me. He somewhat resembled a combination of his avatar, and sonic. I decided to continue the snowball fight with him. It was fun. After a while, I stopped once again and tried to think of more tasks. At this point, both Thorn and the two DC’s have not said anything. I was afraid of the dream ending soon so I wanted to move on to the new tasks, the shrink related ones. I asked Thorn to shrink me down to a tiny size. He didn’t react to my words, but the others two DC’s started to refuse and try to convince me otherwise “Thats not a smart idea” they said. “you shouldn’t do that”. I ignored them and asked Thorn once again. He looked at me and said “No, its time to wake up”. All of a sudden the scene changed and I was sitting in a patch of grass infront of Thorn who was holding a plastic bag… The other two DC’s were gone. For a brief second I thought I woke up, but then I realized this was a really weird place to fall asleep… I knew I was still dreaming… I didn’t fall for your trick, Thorn! I asked Thorn again to please shrink me down to a small size, and this time, you did. We both shrunk down and got caught inside the plastic bag you had in your hand (it didn’t shrink). Once we made our way out of the bag, we walked through some grass together. The grass was roughly twice my height and I had no idea where I was in the patch because it all looked the same. We wandered a bit, and then ran into a large black cat (that reminded me of my own cat). It was really huge, in comparison to us. Thorn at this point went back into his “silent” mode and didn’t say too much. I ran past Thorn and up to the cat. I touched him, he felt soft. The cat didn’t seem to mind… It was at this point the dream scene started to change again. Everything was starting to fade to black, and this time, I couldn’t avoid it… The Lucid Dream ended.

TLDR; these are the tasks I completed:

  • Walked around in the snow
  • Participated in snowball fight (with other DC’s)
  • Sculpted an LC participant/host from snow
  • Brought the sculpture to life (Thorn)
  • Had another snowball fight WITH LC host
  • Shrink to 6" or less
  • Wander through grass
  • Complete small tasks with LC participant (Still Thorn)
  • Interact with larger creature
  • Lucid Bonus/ Early combo for week 5??

PS. Obfusc8, how do you pronounce your name? :lol: Just curious for the next time I am lucid, So I can spawn you in as a DC.

^ First thing’s first: his name is pronounced “obfuscate”, which means to bewilder or to make unclear. The stress can go either on the “ob” or the “fus” depending on your dialect. The “8” becomes “ate”, see? :tongue:

Second thing’s second: wow, what a dream! It sounded really intense and vivid, and frankly I’m flattered I got to come along, even if I was your backup plan. :tongue: You had instances where dream control didn’t work perfectly the first time but you didn’t back down, and the sheer point payoff reflects that. Really, congratulations, and here’s hoping you have more dreams just like it.

The scores are updated.

:eek: :eek: :eek: Jer!!! So many points!!! Now I’m gonna have to LD so much to catch you!! :razz: (And by that I mean I’ll try. No telling how much I’ll actually manage. :razz: )

Anyways, here’s some unexpected points and an almost-did-my-incubation-but-didn’t LD. :razz: (You may also notice I have a new avatar for Task 5… Inspiration taken from Thorn’s story. :razz: Full-size pics here.

Unexpectedly Small ~ Short Lucid Dream ~ Shrink to 6" or Less, EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 1
Short LDs: 8
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less

^ Points given, scores updated. Do it while lucid next time!

Wow Jer, so many tasks! Awesome work man! :happy:

I’ve been considering changing my name to ‘obfuscate’, as Thorn pointed out that is the intention - the 8 being pronounced in English (at least in my common-as-muck-accent anyway) as ‘ate’ :cool:

And it’s one of my favourite powers from the White Wolf ‘World of Darkness’ RP Game Vampire the Masquerade - “Obfuscate is a Discipline that allows vampires to conceal themselves, deceiving the mind of others, or making them ignore what the user doesn’t want to be seen.”

…would love to follow this with some points, but seems I’m back on sucky-recall-no-lucid-street again. :cry:

Welp… My LD attempts yielded an NLD’d task! That’s about it, though. :razz:

A Robbery… I Think ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Walked through Snow

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 8
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less

^ 10 points more than 0 points, so it’s something. The scores are updated.

I shrunk down in a normal dream. Yep.

^ The scores are updated. Yep.

[color=orange]Chiming in.
-Had a false lucid where I’ve taken the form of my avatar

-Chained an extremely long lucid. :peek: Among the entertaining yet irrelevant things I…
-Saw myself in my avatar form triggering lucidity
-Encountered and interacted with hostile anthropomorphic creatures, a shark and lion, while lucid

-Had another extremely long lucid that may possibly be my longest, more agro than the previous
-Had a near miss with the library task due to being on the run like always :cool:
-Accomplished 2/3 of my goal of death/reality defying stunts. The first time I tackle a goon off a balcony, breaking through the railing, drive my knees into his chest upon landing a 10+ story fall, and survive (He didn’t get pancaked like a cartoon character and it wasn’t as messy as it could’ve been). The second time I suplex the guy off a balcony 10+ stories like before, breaking the railing once again, and turn the suplex into a Primary Lotus minus the wraps.

I should be updated tomorrow/later today[/color]

No points scored for the last couple of nights. I can recall my dreams, but nothing was on-topic.

Decided my part of the score-sheet looked a bit barren for week 3, so picked a couple…

Medium LD with the inflating myself and inflating another DC tasks.

Koharo, “may possibly be my longest”? I’ve marked it as your longest, but you don’t seem too sure. Congratulations on the long LDs, of course.

obfusc8, what you experienced with AB was my biggest fear when you were hoping to find a specific DC earlier in the year; I’m just glad it worked out back then. The LC participant/host tasks are of course meant to give others funny dreams to read, but it’s also meant to give participants DCs that should naturally understand the dream state simply by way of your subconscious associating them with LDs. Hopefully you have better luck with DCs in the future. :sad:

The scores are updated.

Alright agro overload/previous dreams updated
Yeah so far this appears to be the longest, I’ll keep you posted if I find out otherwise.

Yeah… I’ve taken this advice and ditched the persistence goals in favour of just doing fun stuff. Probably won’t bother with the character stuff other than trying to get other LC participants’ characters to show up. Like last night…

Short LD with flying over a mountain. (Also think my lucid points total is incorrect/ missing yesterday… finally caught up with En’enra - 12 short, 4 medium, 2 long = 440)

I attempted to get an LC participant snowboarding race going, (just thinking about seeing a Predator on a snowboard makes me smile :content: ) Letaali showed up, and DinoThorn. Sadly the dream ended before the race started. :meh:

^ I do hope that getting a persistent world works for you at some point. I think we all want something like that in the long run. Not that there’s anything wrong with snowboarding dinosaurs in the meantime, of course! Sounds like you had a very near brush with “Interact with a participant’s/host’s character” from Week 1 by seeing Letaali but not getting to do anything with him, unless my character’s been a secret dinosaur the entire time (which I wouldn’t mind :tongue:).

The scores are updated.

EDIT: omg obfusc8, that avatar…

The other day, I shrank and explored the carpet world in an ND.