Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Just lucid points this time… Le sigh. :razz:

Cannibalistic Bloody Marys ~ Short Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 10
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 1
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant | Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less
Task 6: ~ none ~

^ You’re had one long LD, two medium-length ones, and a ridiculous amount of short ones. I think you need to change your concept of length…

The scores are updated.

I’ve joined team vampire. :ebil:

Long LD in which I create a castle from storm clouds and explore it. Then I stuck my arm into a poster (so my arm was 2D and the rest of me remained 3D) which due to the wording of the week 3 task is probably not enough to count for points? :meh: However the vampire in the picture then bit my arm, turning me into a vampire. :happy:

And what about my avatar? Mini-Groot for the mini-tasks! (Yeah I forgot there was going to be a new week/theme) …off to search for an appropriate vampire avatar.

Had an LD here this morning which at around 1-2 mins long makes it a short one for me.

obfusc8, yeah, you need to get all the way inside for points. Don’t be lazy!

James, good that you’re still getting LDs. Surely you’re not satisfied with 10th place? Dream harder!

The scores are updated. Vampire obfusc8 can now be summoned to convert you for maximum points!

[color=orange]Had two medium length LD 's here. I took the form of a wolf, which werewolves can do but the intention of doing so as a werewolf wasn’t there. I don’t believe I was in avatar form either before transforming into one of the forms in my description. Those near misses. Other than that:

-I ran into a forest (task) while lucid, found an abandoned building and took refuge there for a bit in the form of a Sandshrew unexpectedly. A Sanshrew with a Sandshrew for a Pokémon strangely.[/color]

^ Well, hopefully that intention pots up next time for you! No excuse for not getting on a team by the end of the week!

The scores are updated.

I’d like to claim points for having a short LD where I was playing a water sport.

  • 20 points for Short LD
  • 5 points for water sport (I think??)
    I’m not quite sure of the distinction between “Participate in a beach or water sport” or the “Get involved in a water sport” tasks. I’ll take either or… I was surfing for a bit which was pretty cool.
    Anyways, going back to bed. Goodnight.


[/color] :sly:

Jer, I think it was you who was confused about the indented stuff before, and it’s the same deal here—the indented “water sport” is a way to complete the “participate in a beach or water sport” task, and the points for the task and the subtask are both yours.

The scores are updated.

Much lucidity to report from last night…

2 Long LDs. Second one is a candidate for longest ever, but reading through my previous ‘longest ever’ entry I wasn’t sure, so :confused:hrug:

Tasks done (there were several near-misses)

  • Werewolf transformation recevied via a bite.
    -Outdoor snow sport (snowboarding) (Don’t count the LC participants as I didn’t directly interact or confirm who showed up before losing lucidity.)

Also met NotThorn - Who is a complete jerk btw. :sad:

I had a long LD yesterday.

In the LD, I:

-saw a full moon
-became my character (from the thunderstorm that came with the full moon, but not from the moon itself)
-rode a floating bike (in a form that was half my character and half just me)

all while lucid!


I managed to see the world from a small character’s angle in a non lucid dream two days ago, but it wasn’t small enough; about 50 cm/two feet.

Lucid dream. medium duration (about two minutes). Followed by sleep paralysis. No tasks done.

The sleep paralysis wasn’t scary. It wasn’t nearly as bad as the non-lucid->lucid nightmare that preceded it.

obfusc8, clearly every horrible thing from the second dream was karma for doing unspeakable (un-type-able?) things in the first dream! :tongue: That said, I didn’t laugh when prompted to; I instead thought you you found yet another lucid power, even if the way to trigger it is in opposite town. :smile: That, and maybe you’d’ve been small enough at the end of the dream if you hadn’t started from 12’ tall.

Siiw, nice to see you lucid dreaming again! That moved you up a few places in the rankings.

Susan_Y, good on you for having an LD. I’d like to see some tasks, though!

The scores are updated.

I had a dream last night where I visited a Cemetery… I don’t remember much, but I do remember seeing Gravestones, and the stereotypical black cat. I questioned my lucidity as well but I never became fully lucid. No werewolves or Vampires either. I am hoping that I will have another LD soon so I can start knocking off more week 6 tasks.

  • Explore Graveyard (20 points)
  • Question Lucidity (5 points)
  • Early Combo?? (20 points)

Jer, noted. You’ve passed En’enra and moved into second place!

The scores are updated.

In a long LD I was in a castle, saw full moons, summoned Thorn to turn me into a vampire with a bite and drew power from the moon. Attempted my personal goal, still no luck.

A little more progress, dream by dream.
I shrunk down to a small size again, and this time I explore a small animal’s living quarters. The sub-task was specifically a bug’s home. They were snails but they looked huge compared to how small I was. Eventually I started fighting them because they looked so threatening. I also wondered if I was dreaming, but I didn’t become fully lucid… That has been happening a lot lately, which hopefully is a good sign that some of my LD techniques are going to be paying off soon.
-Lucidity Questions (5points)

  • Explore small animal living quarters (40 points)
    - Bug’s home (20 points)

Ene’enra, having read the end of your LD and seen your sadness at not doing much with your power… I can relate to that. That said, you’ve been LDing frequently enough that I think you can manifest that same power in your next LD, perhaps coupled with werecreature power too! I know you’ll get your goal done.

Jer, nice! Apparently your incubation techniques are paying off too. The way the subtasks are designed means that you’re free to get a couple more points from exploring the other listed animal living quarters.

The scores are updated.

I resent that implication! No unspeakable stuff just healthy albeit-forum-inappropriate fun with consenting DCs. :tongue:

Anyway, Short LD no tasks. The later dream had a couple lets-see-how-close-we-can-get-to-tasks-without-doing-them moments. :sigh: