Lucidity Challenge 50—obfusc8 wins!

Non-lucid dream, in which some friends and I buy a government-surplus submersible. It was fun, even if no points scored.

I read this week’s challenges last night and performed a successful WBTB with MILD. I ended up completing alot of the others team’s tasks, but still got some serious points. I also encountered a “Thorn Dragon” who induced chaos in my LD . Here is how the dream went down.

I was in an apartment building, in the city… I presumably lived here, and was on one of the top floor, very high up. From all the way up here, when I stood on the balcony I got a good view of the sky. One of the clouds seemed to be a reddish/blueish color and was moving very fast. I realized this isn’t normal for a cloud, which helped me to do a RC and realize I was dreaming. I looked closer at the object… no that was no cloud… it was a dragon! As the dragon was coming closer and closer to the ground, and I could see more of it’s details. I remembered the LC’s connection to dragons, and tried to picture who this dragon was in terms of the LC members. As it got closer and closer, it was apparent that the dragon was Thorn. Thorn was coming in very quickly at high speeds. I thought he was going to crash into the ground. Just then, Thorn opened his mouth, but instead of breathing fire, he shot out meteors that were on fire. One of these large meteors crashed into an apartment building that was exactly four blocks away. This apartment building fell backwards into another apartment building which also immediately collapsed. When the two buildings collapsed, a giant mushroom cloud explosion formed. A wave of explosive energy was propelled outwards from the explosion. Everything started to shake as if a large earthquake just hit. At this point I started to lose lucidity because I was so afraid. I tried to run and find my family to take them to shelter. The dream was still shaking from the explosion, and eventually became too unstable and ended.


  • Witness a giant monster (“Thorn Dragon”) while normal sized
  • Do so in a city
  • See an LC host dragon
  • Witness massive destruction.
  • Early Combo
  • LD medium Length.

Also, for the LD 's as a dragon…
This is basically what I am going to be using as inspiration.

Jer, oh no! It’s all backwards! The host of the first LC was supposed to be destroying everything! We were supposed to be saving it! Noooooo… that said, did you enjoy the dream and did I look awesome?
/me is trouted

The scores are updated, and I’ve got a bit more LC action for you guys!

[title]Lucidity Challenge 1[/title]

This would be a terrible throwback week if it just involved making the first LC host a villain. The first LC actually lasted for only seven days with a task every day, so I will run the entirety of the first LC within this LC’s final week, and any points you earn in it will count for the current LC too!

Here’s a quick rundown of the first LC’s scoring. Obviously, there are no character bonuses. Lucid dream points were given at the rate of 10 points for wondering if you’re dreaming, 20 for a lucid dream of 10 seconds or less, and 30 for anything longer. You’ll get this in addition to the LC 50 LD points, so lucid dreams are worth more now! Early bonuses are 10 points for doing a task the day it is assigned [color=red]and only that task[/color]: you take a [color=red]10 point penalty[/color] for performing old tasks and forfeit your early bonus if you do the latest task alongside an old task. This is one scoring feature I’m glad we altered!

Anyhow, Task 1!

Note that these points are not additive as if they were separate tasks; you get only the greatest point value you earn instead of all of them.

It’s my pleasure to welcome you all to the first ever Lucidity Challenge! Good luck!

I had a fragment where I was a humanoid version of my dragon. THorn was also with me, and we saw eMander as pictured (with his yucky lickitung tongue). :razz: I don’t remember anything else besides standing next to dragon THorn as we watched the yellow/orange dragon.

Thorn, this might not shape up to be a “terrible throwback wek” after all, because now I see how the whole LC 50 was shaped just for this final week. :woah:

Let’s get the real games started!

Another “just lucid points” but this one was much longer. :razz:

Scipio has a Decent LD ~ Long Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 10
Medium LDs: 2
Long LDs: 2
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant | Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less
Task 6: ~ none ~
Task 7: ~ none ~
LC 1: ~ none ~

Eilatan, you didn’t mention if you were the appropriate size, but I assume you were. If not, you’d get points for the other task. For the task you did, just seeing eMander doesn’t cut it!

Scipio, LDs are good, but you need task points! You’re running out of time!

The scores are updated.

Medium LD followed by a Long LD

While lucid I…
-became a dragon (was about the height of a skyscraper, width of a street, it was epic :happy: )
-in a city
-breathed fire
-caused massive destruction.

eMander wasn’t up for a fight. I saw him starting to transform but then he vanished before the big battle… close but no cigar… :sigh:

Non-lucid dream, in which I read a fragment of the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf.[*]

I claim the points for “Remember word-for-word less than a sentence”.

[*] The line I recalled isn’t in the real text of Beowulf. Also, the dream text uses the German “nach” that (as far as I know) isn’t correct for Anglo-Saxon.

P.S. There is a dragon in Beowulf.

I tried hard last night… but I had no LD 's about any sort of text… or dragons… So unfortunately no points for me last night.

Also, I looked at the scores…Am I in second place again? for some reason it shows me behind En’enra, even though my score is higher. :smile:


obfusc8, when you say “it was epic”, that tells me I’ve done my job correctly too. :happy: There’s just something fascinating about having that kind of power from time to time and looking and feeling the part—good to know that it’s not just me who feels that way. I too have partaken in flying as such a massive thing, and the feeling of mass under my wings is surreal. Reading eMander’s dialogue makes me think you met the actual one instead of our LC version; I’ll need to check with him to see if you guys didn’t discover shared dreaming. So is the plan from here to get the missing 130 points for that task or to try for the 150 points in the other team’s task by watching some other DC do what you did in that dream?

Susan_Y, yes, there is a dragon there! I actually do remember Beowulf, although not because I had to read it in high school. The memories involve my ex-girlfriend taking me dead seriously when I joked and said I didn’t want to see any chick flicks, so she walked up to the ticket counter and got two for Beowulf instead. Cue awkward two hours of her getting disinterested and falling asleep on my shoulder. :tongue:

Jer, sorry! I got distracted by adding the stuff from LC 1 and forgot to reorder the columns. It’s fixed now!

The scores are updated.

In the latest ND I had I was reading a receipt for demonic services and tried to memorize their address. Does that count for 20pts? After I wrote the dream I recalled that there was “Marigold Alley” written on the receipt. here’s the entry

^ It most definitely counts, and I’ve updated the scores to reflect that. You’re back in second place!

Here’s LC 1 Task 2!

Thanks for participating in this very first LC! Hopefully you all do well enough to merit a second one!

More lucid points.

Return of the Purple Bananas ~ Medium Lucid Dream

Stats so far:

[spoiler]NLDs: 2
Short LDs: 10
Medium LDs: 3
Long LDs: 2
Lucid Moments: 1

Task 1:-C Become your Character & Drive a Motor Vehicle [C] | Wander Around a Bustling City [C] & Fly Through a City [C] | Eat in a Nice Restaurant | Interact with an Anthropomorphic Character [C] Who was An LC Participant
Task 2:-E Walk on a Beach | Fly over a Mountain | Walk through Snow
Task 3:-C Pull an Object out of Hammerspace [C]
Task 4:-E Used Selected HoverGear [C], Sported a Grind [C] for 10 Seconds, Did a Non-Grind Trick [C], and Raced the Host [C]
Task 5:-E Shrink to 6" or Less
Task 6: ~ none ~
Task 7: ~ none ~
LC 1: ~ none ~

^ Because we’re running two LCs at once, you do get quite a lot of LD points for that. However, you still need task points to catch up! I won’t stop harping on that!

The scores are updated.

Lucid dream, longest ever duration (25 minutes or so subjective duration).

I claim points for:

  • Meet a fictional character (Count Dracula). I’m going to count that as “Have an actual conversation with the character.”, although “Go out for a meal and snip” might be more accurate. (You’ve all seen vampire movies, I’ll leave it to the imagination).
  • Wander round a bustling city, while lucid. (I’ve claimed this before, but redone while lucid).
  • Eat in a nice restaurant. (I’ve claimed this before, but redone while lucid; sorry that I’ve snipped most of the restaurant scene).
  • Fly through a city, while lucid.
  • Fly over a mountain, while lucid.
  • Dream in an animated style, while lucid. (No new points, as I’ve already done this one, but I mention it for completeness. During parts of the scene with The Count, dream changes from realistic to animated black and white line drawing).
  • Pull something out of hammerspace, which lucid. (Occurs in the section with The Count that I’ve snipped; details on request, if you really must know).
  • Become a vampire, while lucid.

P.S.Rats! I forgot to do the hoverboard tasks!

That’s a rhetorical question, right? :razz: Well, if not, here’s your answer -

Medium LD

-Had a cartoon/animated dream.
-Transformed into colossal dragon again. Fought eMander in his giant orange kaiju form. :content:

Completed all the Day 2 tasks.
Found a fictional character - the phone guy from the five night’s at freddy’s games. This was not the fictional character I was expecting to meet… it’s weird because I hardly ever play these games.
Anyways, I saw him, got his attention, he spoke to me and we carried out a conversation about the different animatronics. His voice was distinct, just like it sounds in the game.

I was expecting a dream of the Doctor, and ending up dreaming of the Big Bang Theory, instead. (It’s actually been a while since I watched TBBT). I spoke to Sheldon at his “wedding” about the way he speaks and the way others understand him.

Susan_Y, wow! Congratulations on having your longest lucid dream to date! I see you didn’t claim getting bitten by The Count for the transformation; did that happen? I obviously can’t read that portion of the dream. :tongue: Let me know if it did, and I’ll add in the extra 30 points for you. Either way, you’ve jumped up to fifth place, which is an impressive move!

obfusc8, I don’t know your thoughts, but I don’t think I’ll ever stop having fun having those sorts of dreams unless I deliberately wear it out by becoming a dragon every night. :tongue: So now for the next question! Are you going to get the 150 points for doing the other task, or are you going to get the last 40 for yours? I haven’t forgotten that you took my “can’t breathe fire but has been much bigger than you” state as a challenge! :sly: [size=75]Although do we really have to fight when there’s a dreamscape we could be exploring or tearing down as dragons…? :cry:[/size]

Jer, you’re back in second place yet again! You only need about 1000 more points for first place; you can do it!

Eilatan, you’re doing way better than you acted like you would early on. Even if you’ve only had three lucid dreams during the LC, I’d like to think that you learned some valuable dream incubation skills considering your good performance. :smile:

The scores are updated, and since I don’t picture anybody’s sleeping at this time of day, I see no harm in putting the next LC 1 task up a bit early. However, the task as originally written focused on this post, which has lost all of its images to time. Therefore, I will modify the task but keep its spirit alive.

Some of this can flow well with the final week of LC 50, which also works best in a city. Get to your place in Elcedia, meet up with eMander or an LC dragon team member, have him/her chug delicious, store-bought nuclear waste or something until you have a huge monster (and chug some too if you’re on the dragon team), and then play some sort of game (hide and seek on an epic scale?). Of course, whatever plan you come up with works too!

Thank you all for doing so well in this first LC! I can’t wait to see LC 2 take off!