Sex in Dreams-PART II

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I am not sure if anyone is still checking this post, but I would like to say that in my first LD I had masterbated while OOB and ejaculated IRL. The dream started with me separating from my body, and eventually the energy of being out of body overwhelmed me and I started to masterbate OOB floating around rather rather rapidly in an orbitlike motion. Then I ended up back in my body with my ejaculation on the bed (in the dream). I then walked around my room and checked out the bathroom. When I woke up in waking life I had ejaculated. The experience was incredible, but I was a little embarrased and dissapointed with myself for wasting my OBE like that cause I wanted to meditate in my first LD. But I couldn’t help it, the energy just overwhelmed me.

my first LD ever i walked right up a lady and told here give me a blow job and boy did that feel good :cool_laugh:

Fantastic Zwitter…rofl rofl…hehehehehe…lol!
I always jump on a girl in a ld and take lead…lol…i forgot this…aaaaaaah how stupid of me!
In my next ld i ask this to…lol!

sex and humor what a good combination…lol!

:happy: :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile: :happy: :smile:

i have something to say, why is this topic so taboo? like when i posted my first ld about me trying to find a girl to snogg, lots of people called me a horndog, perv etc. when in fact i’m pretty sure there is a lot of people that do this. its convenient, probably feels great (haven’t succeeded yet :grin: ) and theres no risk of STDs or getting pregnant. and just because i’m a guy they called me a perv, which made me mad…but anyway i’m blabbing on so i’ll end this with a summary question. do people who have sex in dreams and lds are perverts? i sure dont think so…

No way…given the amount of time during real life that people think about sex, it is only natural that it is going to crop up in dreams. I had my first LD when I saw an amazing looking girl while dreaming and thought “if only this was a dream, there’d be no reason why I couldn’t just walk up and snog her. Errr, hang on…” Recently, I’ve been doing quick reality checks every time I see someone I’m attracted to, and this is helping me to become lucid. If you were solely into lucid dreaming because of sex, then there might be a little something wrong, but it seems silly to ignore it. Sex isn’t everything, but it sure is a big something.

I hope the next time you find someone attractive in RL, there are no malfunctioning clocks nearby! :tongue:

Hey, thanks for the tip
I´ll also try doing RCs when I am attracted to some girl.If I manage to keep it up it should make for a nice dreamsign


ROFL Firehorse!!! :cool_laugh: :cool_laugh:

I’ve also made attractive women dreamsigns. No success yet though.

yay last night i manged to break my all time record of sex in dreams, with 3 attractive young ladies (though each in a different dream but it still counts sorta) .

anyone had sex with any good celebs? i had kelly brooke in 3 different swimming pools and once in the bath all in one dream some time last week, i donno where i got all the water from, or kelly brooke… i never really noticed her untill she was sitting one me :content:

My first low level Lucid Dream was triggered by sex. Im walking down the street and notice a computer store, I walk in there and a woman approaches me, I ask some questions about computers and if I can buy one, she suddenly just strips of her clothes and throw’s me onto a couch and starts to take of my pants, “Holy crap, great service! wait a sec… this must be a dream!”
I then become Lucid, and I decide to keep going with this sex, but I start to lose lucidity because im focusing more on the sex and I forget that im dreaming and return to a non-LD state, but it was fun while it lasted haha :grin:

Using attractive people as dreamsigns doesn’t have to just be a sex thing, too. I usualy encounter some pretty unusual people in my dreams, so I’ve started doing reality checks whenever I notice someone who interests me, for whatever reason. Don’t know how much it is going to help me though, in my present state - I did an RC while dreaming the other night and decided (stupidly) that I was indeed wide awake. Grrrr.

you guys are lucky. i haven’t gone lucid yet but i almost did a few nights ago. i was in a classroom sitting on a couch with a girl who wanted to have sex with me. i thought “hey it’s just a dream, wait, its just a dream?” then i freakin relapsed and the next thing i know i woke up(still in the dream)the next morning with a different girl in my bed… like some lame pg movie… i didnt even get to cop a feel!!! :smile:

one time i was in the libary and i saw the clock on the wall and it was broken, i assumed it was a dream cuz it only had four numbers on it (those kinda clocks) and it wasnt moviing (the seconds hand), so i saw this girl and i jsut straight up asked her to wank me :cool: , she freaked out and chased me out swearing and cursing at me…thats when i realized i was wrong. :blush: :wow: :blush:


I would say I feel sorry for you…but, I don’t. :smile:

This is why you always look for confirmation before you do something that might be somewhat embarassing.

I never really wanted to have sex in LD, but i remember one low level lucid dream where I had really weird sex. It was some of the first LD’s I can remember almost ten year ago I was flying with wings and stuff, but the sex part was crappy one. I had sex with objects, like a stove and pillar of a building and I ejaculated three times that night :shy: Every time I woke up that night I had wet pants (dunno why i was sleeping with them on), anyways it was bit frustrating to clean yourself after every wake up.

And guys. Try celibacy for month or so and there will be wet dreams, the nature will take care of it’s own :wink:

Hey it works for me too! My general thing is “if i don’t ‘take care of it’ after ten days I’ll have a sex dream.” It’s been like that since I hit puberty. Maybe I really am a dude…? j/k :alien:

"Try celibacy for month or so and there will be wet dreams, the nature will take care of it’s own "
-apart from the fact that its totally agains the nature:):):)Im not taking life threatening actions anyways:)

" I had sex with objects, like a stove and pillar of a building and I ejaculated three times that night"- 
pretty good score considering the turn ons :smile:

lol…take care Amra:)