The BIG Vitamin B Topic - Part II

Part I can be found here.

i tried some b6 - 50mg. i had no more/fewer dreams than usual. no lucid ones either.

Last night, I had one of the most vivid dreams i have ever had sinse childhood!!!:D)
I took 100mg of B6 and a sandwich and a glass of hot chocolate. Read about it in my DJ.

I came across this thread two days ago. I caught my interest right away. So I decided to try out the b-vitamins myself. I am writing about it on my blog. You can look at it here:

I’m trying the b6 for the first time. Last night was my first night, 100mg about half hour before bed. I woke up after about 5 hours of sleep and had almost no dream recall, figured it was a huge letdown. But then went back to bed and had not only one of the most vivid dreams I’ve had in quite some time, but a pretty darn messed up and interesting one, too.

I didn’t really try specifically to become lucid, I just wanted to test how it affected my dreams. Tonight I’m trying it for the 2nd time. It will be even better.

Interesting to read about vit. B
I have been taking vit. B for some time now because I am a vegetarian and meat contains a lot of vit. B often. I take B 12, 6 and two. And next to that a lot of soy products. And over here in the Netherlands they add vit B 12 and 2 to soy milk etc. Now that I read the thread, I think that my dreams did get more vivid when I started taking these pills. I do not take more then people would usually do though. Vit. B can be bad for a persons health when it is taken too much. Just like with other vitamins.

I also noticed that lots of people here use normal milk before they go to sleep. This is interesting because I heard that a lot of people have trouble digesting certain things that are in milk. Because I have to write in english it is difficult to explain it very cleary, but it is not good for them and most people do not know this because it only gives ‘little’ problems. It is difficult to see that it might be caused by milk. And this causes bad sleep when you take it just before going to bed, because the body has to do something with that and it does that while you are asleep. It makes sleep less restfull and it makes people wake up more often.

Not sure if that is good for lucid dreaming or not :smile: I just noticed that lots of people use milk for sleeping, while it might be that it is not so good for sleep at all. I did not know this myself for a long time, just found out that I am one of those people that cannot digest milk right. And with not drinking it anymore my sleep became better as far as I can tell right now.

Last night I had my first experience with this stuff. For maybe a couple of weeks ago I bought a bottle of some sort of B-complex, but I forgotten to take it befor last night. I have bean reading some of this tread now and I can add that I also ate a late dinner last night contaning salomon, bread and veggies. I did noot drink milk yesterday, but I drank a lot of cofee the hole day. And that is maybe the main reason for the sleep to be verry lightly and bad. I just thougth of this while I am writing now. Last night I blamed the effect of this two pills I took before I went to bed. I went straight into dreaming and it was really vivid! After bean dreaming for about 30 min I woke up and could remeber it all, I then did a kind of a wild, I had a short dream without any pictures, I just went up in darknes for a good time, stopped, and took a dive, lett me fall down again! It was great. Then I had a short half lucid dream witch ended with some strange sex, and then I woke again. And did not gett anny real sleep for the rest of the night.

Some stuff I noticed was that even thoe I was tired and full of food, I never gott into a heavy sleep. I went straight into a verry vivid REM state! And when I woke up the first time I knew it could not have lasted for more than around 30 min, since my mate still was doing the dishess in the room next door. Maybe it only lastet for 15 min, but it was verry vivid. I did not found it interesting enough to write it out, but I still can remeber most of last night dreamings.

So the B vitamins absolutly did somthing to me, I will wait a few days before I do it again because I nead some sound sleeping now. I have one question: You saying that it is mostly the B6 that is working on dreams. Where can I buy just B6? I would like to know what a high dose (50-100mg) of this one specific vitamin would do to me.

Thanks for all the great tips in this tread. I will use my B-vits with caution now and then. I think I gott such a good effect because I am not use to it.

You guys should be careful with vitamins and pills because anything manmade usually is poison.

Bananas are an excellent source of vitamin B.

Manmade items are not usually poison (some may be). How do you know this? Most vitamin B tablets are nothing but vitamin B, maybe with some coloring or flavoring added, but nothing that will kill you.

Is there Vitamin B in chocolate ??

Believe me, I’ve been there and tried every supplement around. I have progressed and found the truth and power in treating my body to superfoods, (spirulina is loaded with b vitamins) The benefits of fasting, RAW fruits and veggies, and organ cleansing, have had a much more positive effect on not only my dreamtime but also my waking life.

Vitamins from a natural source are the only ones that can be absorbed into the body, most of the supplements out there do not come from food at all.

Chocolate has a little bit of thiamine and niacin.

For me chocolate and dreaming go hand in hand and last week I got a bag of raw cocoa. I have been eating this stuff all the time, even right before bed, there is a little bit of caffeine in chocolate but it hasn’t effected me. chocolate is great for the brain and if definitely increases dream vividness.

I had a multi vitamin on Sunday around 11 am. It had 9mg of B-6 in it, and that night I had an LD after a really long time. I hadn’t been eating the vitamin prior to that so I assume that it was because of the B-6 in the vitamin that I LDed. However I forgot the next few days to eat the vitamin, and so far I have not experienced an LD. I did remember to take my pill last night, about two hours before I went to bed, but this did not help me attain an LD. Perhaps right before bed doesn’t work when it comes in vitamin form, it may need some time to incorporate into the blood stream.

it helped my recall a bit! hopefuly it wil work betar!

Eat a banana!! ~~

I read an article recently about the condition where you lose some sort of conection with your body. You lose your sense of your body. So that if you don’t consciously control your limbs, they won’t do what you want to do and you feel disconnected from it. Seemed like quite a difficult thing to live with.
The article said that it often begins with dreams of not having control. And here’s the kicker, you can get this condition temporarily by the use of vitamin B6.
I suppose that means excessive use but still, if you start having such dreams. Beware!

after reading about the effects of vitamin B on this forum, I gave it a try last night. I took one pill 100mg of B6 with a yogourt (some B12) and a slice of cheese, 30 minutes before going to bed.

I went to bed at 1AM and set the alarm to 5h30, then at 7h00. As usual, (since last month), I recalled “backward” what happened during the day, lets call this “Day Recall”, or “Reality Recall”. It helps recalling dreams in the morning, since this work your memory a lot!

Every time I woke up, no recall at all. Which is weird because I usually recall my dreams in detailed, and with that “magic” vitamin, I was expecting a lot. In fact, I was very “confident” or convinced I was going to have one LD, from all the reading I did on LD4all forum in a day :smile:

So I set the alarm to 9h00 but at 8h09, I wake up from a dream, which was not necessarely more vivid that usual, but went I started to write it down in my journal, I did remembered those I “missed” earlyer. But no LD yet, even thought there was a lot of impossible things happening…(my window gives on same level as the street) I live 2nd floor…crazy guy driving a bus and doing “zig zag” on the street… anyway.

But the best part was after waking up at 10AM. While going back to sleep, I had a what should have turned into a LD. At some point, I had to put a ring on, so I looked at my hands. The ring (quit big) would not fit on my “middle” finger. Then I checked the other finger, (I was wearing more than one ring…very odd, since I only have one…), my thumb was very short and big, very weird and nothing like in reality, but, it seems that my brain convinced me it was real enought not to realize I was dreaming :sad:

And earlyer in that dream, I was running with a friend, but I could not accelerate and reach him, so I ran very slowly. Since there was snow on the ground and my boots were used (very little “grip”), I told my self, well, thats as fast I can run in these conditions (I missed that BIG SIGN). All that and more, within 30 minutes. I woke up for good at 10h30.

So, I don’t know if it is because of the b6 vitamin I could “live” these two obvious dream signs that I missed, or the fact that before going to bed, I spent an hour reading the topic section on Reality Check, but the two last dreams were, lets say, more reaslistic than usual (maybe B6 kicking in…who knows)

So I’ll give it a try with maybe 200mg in a couple of days and see what happens.

About those “big dream signs” I missed, any of you could give me tips so I won’t missed them next time. Sure, I will look at my hands during the day asking if I am dreaming or not, but beside that, anything else ?

Thank you all

day 2 with 100mg B6,

I went to bed at 1Am, and woke up at 5h09 (without alarm) and remembered some pieces of dream. Nothing extraordinare… Then, I had a hard time getting back to sleep. Maybe because of the pill, or/and the fact it was getting clear outside, or/and the birds were “whisling”, or doing the sound bird does… I tried counting “I am dreaming” to 100, and then do a RC. But I did that four time and got tired but not sleepy. At 6AM, still awake, I got on this forum and to read until 6h45, then back to bed with “ear plug”.

At 8h11, woke up from a very vivid dream, once again, I missed some very obvious dream sign, like lifting a girl with my arm and talking to her while she sits on my hand (I am no culturist or bodybuilding guy…) So missed that one. Eventually, we had some “sex fun”, I guess we can’t get explicit on this forum… :smile: Anyway, this “fun” should have rang a bell, since I know she has a boyfriend… Still in my dream, tomorrow would be friday (saturday in RL) and I had to get early for school (I finished college last december…). and some other signs, should have gotten me to LD…

Before taking 100mg, I rarely had those obvious dream signs. Still, it could be caused by all the recent reading on LD4ALL… For the next 2 days, I won’t take these vitamines B6 and see what happens.

Once again, if you guys have any suggestions to help me NOT IGNORE those signs, I would be glad to hear or read it.

day 3: no vitamin B6,

little less recall than usual ( 2 NR ). The first one (after 6 hours of sleep) was short and with little detail. The second one (one hour later) was much more detailed and vividness was at let say “medium”. There was obvious DS that I missed…

day 4: no vitamin B6,

very bad recall, worst in a month. Only dream recalled was after sleeping 8 hours (none when I awoke after 4.5 and 6 hours of sleep). No DS.

day 5: 200 mg B6 with a slice of bread and philadelphia,

I woke up after sleeping one hour, no recall but sweaty, maybe because the weather outside was warmer than usual…or too much vitamin B6…

-first dream after sleepin about 3.5 hours, short and little details.

-2nd dream after sleeping about 5 hours, much more detailed, and medium vividness. Pretty good recall this time. Before going back to sleep, tryied MILD methode.

  • 3rd dream after 6.5 hours. Very weird dream, but still very good recall, MILD didn’t work, and gave it an other try before falling back to sleep.

  • 4th and last dream, 7.5 hours of sleep. This one was simply great, very vivid, some, obvious once again, but missed DS. Very detailed and I woke up right after this dream, very quickly. Usually, I like to stay in bed… but this dream ended in a very pleasant way, and was happy to start the day!

MILD didn’t work this time either, but, at the end of my 3rd dream , I was in a small boat, and soon during the 4th, I got in the same boat…MILD effect I guess :smile:

Funny thing, today, with the 13 moon calendar, it “is the day” of my kin, the red dragon, except, with bars and more dots…tonight might be the night!! :smile:

Tonight, I’ll try one more time 200 mg, probably last time this amount of B6, might be too much and not necessarely useful, just to see about the sweat thing early in the night.

Do you think you can become too dependent on B6 for DR. I have good DR when I take it. When I stop it seems to drop, but I dont know if the reason is, because of not taking it, or am I creating a mental block by thinking the B6 is the reason Im having good DR.

day 6: 200 mg B6 with cookies and large glass of milk

little less recall than yesterday. Mostly, one very detailed dream, one detailed but short, and 2 others but with so very little detail, doesnt really count!

I went to bed à 1h30 AM:

1st wake up @ 6AM :
no recall, and no sweat (last night I woke up very sweaty as if I had fever…)

2nd @ 7h00:
i wrote 4 words on the pads…so not much

3rd @8h15:
one very short dream, little detail and one quit long and medium vivid! (look my DJ for details )


4th @ 10h00:
shorter dream, less vivid than last one but still good recal (this one is in my new DJ)

So I cant really tell if vitamin B6 really has a big effect. I’ll stop taking these for a couple of days and see how “different” my dreams might be.