The LD Achievement List Project-chck the 1st achv illustrat.

Voting thread [closed] :
Achievement List-Finished ones

First Achievement illustration done!!! :happy:

I took the already design LD4all had and incorporate it.
I hope you like it.
Ah! i’m going to post another one w/ a star on the center which means the achievement is done lucid.

[color=indigo][size=100]That sounds like an awesome idea! I love the Xbox 360 Achievment system, it’s really something unique.

I think this is a really cool idea :content:[/size][/color]

This’ll be great! it reminds me of Super Smash Brothers bonuses, like Twinkle Toes (teched a lot. teching makes a sparkling at the feet), Cement feet (never jumped) etc.

It’d be great to have something like that for lucid dreaming :happy:

Yah, there the list that i provided is just a ‘BETA-LIST’,
it can be modified, i just want to give an idea. It’ll need illustrations of each achievement,title and description. I just want a YES from PasQ. to give it a go at least w/ the illustrations but i need:
:wink: TITLES
:happy: SCORING

If PasQ says yes, i’ll help with illustrations

Thanks very much :smile:
I hope this project gets a YES>

Apparently there is no much interest on this project… :sad:

I’m interested. I just didn’t say anything because I had nothing constructive to add to the conversation, and I can’t really help in any of those areas…

Ok i got the Yes from PasQ, now we need more ppl apart from you to help us out on this project.

Ill totally do this! :smile: Sounds like a fantastic idea to get motivated, when i dont feel like playing xbox 360 i think of getting more achievements, and want to play more XD could work here too.

I know I’m new here, but I’m up for it. Just PM me if you need anything.

I could help with titles,scoring,or descriptions. Whichever. This is cool! :woo:

Thanks people for the help,
I’m in the process of checking an HTML code to see if i can add it to this site w/ PasQ permission, so you can have your own scoring and stuff, i’m not sure if it is possible but it’s worth the try.
BUT i’m not very good at HTML really, so i need an expert on that for volunteer also,
which i’ll give the site where i saw the code i’m talking about.

Cheers and thanks,

Coding? Maybe I can help. Count me in.

I took a half-year web design class, which included CSS, HTML and JavaScript, so i’ll help with it also if you need it

Oh perfect, i’ll include you in the Coding job.
Thanks again! :happy: i hope others could join too. :smile:

Try to check w/ Dreamweaver tools for the checklist…

I use notepad for web coding, but anyways…

keep w/ notepad, i don’t mind, but i was thinking about this last night and i thought that there are 2 ways of doing this,

  1. the hard,complex but very cool way where the system is incorporated into each user, into the ld4all system etc. where you can check the achievements yourself in your profile etc.
  2. The easier, simple, basic way where we make a stick thread w/ all the achievements and a rank user list, and we place the people who have made certain ach. etc. etc.
    You guys decide…

I’ll take the hard way. It encourages natural thinking.

Are you sure? :eh: i’m not doubting of your skills but if you say you can do it, :wink:
Go ahead, i’m just need a couple days to organize all the volunteers and stuff.
Thanks again, :smile: