Trying to make my dreams more relaxed, any suggestions

Hi lucid group,

I am trying LD because I have too many dreams. Every night I have dreams, if I wake up, I remember parts of it. If I continue sleeping I dream again. The dreams are at random and strange. Most of the time they are not related to what happened in the day. Though they are always very busy. Not scary or bad). Just very busy with the result that I didn’t have a good deep sleep for month.(about 4 month ago, I had 1 night good sleep).

I am wondering how LD could help on this and how I should approach LD.

Any suggestions?

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There are loads of techniques out there. Find one that suits you on this site. From Mild to WILD to HILD, there are loads of techniques, then there are also affirmation,s, I would suggest reading these.

There are more as well

And this :slight_smile:

And last but it not least this

6 Steps To Getting Frequent Dreams

HAVE fun!!

There are more to see here as well

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Usually people ask how to have more dreams and be more engaged in them, not raising the problem of having too many :lol:

I am not sure lucid dreaming will be able to help you but it might. TheAstralDreamer already gave you a start.

If you want to remember less of your dreams, it’s probably best to do what most non dreamers do: pay them no mind and ignore them. Meditation or hypnosis could also help. But the thing is, even if you don’t remember your dreams, you’ll still have them. So I’m not sure this is the right angle of attack.

Can you describe a little bit in more detail what you want to achieve? What is the desired outcome for your life?


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Dreams are like reflections, even if they don’t seem to reflect your every day activities, they might be reflecting your attitudes or perspective on your daily life.
If you always find yourself busy in your dreams, I wonder if you’re a busy person in WL? Or maybe you think a lot and your mind is always busy?

What are your bedtime habits like? You might find incorporating some time to wind down with less stimulation before bedtime helpful.

Also, you might find the practice of dream incubation appealing! If you want your dreams to reflect peace, you can incubate peaceful topics to dream about. Note that you don’t have to be a practicing lucid dreamer to incubate dreams, however, it’s worth mentioning that having a naturally strong recall gives you a great head start for lucid dreaming.

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I think what you mean is how can LD make you wormy our way. So what you are trying to say is that you don’t get a good sleep, we’ll try to be less busy, relax for a bit, meditation is useful, and if you want to learn how to LD, o sent you links, there are more here anyway :hugs: