Who has ever flew?

I’ve found that flying is almost the most difficult thing for me to do. I’m still trying, but I’m never in the air for more then 3 seconds, then back down. Think of what happend to me as jumping on the moom. Only higher.

I also find it hard.

Only ever done it once in an LD. Funny thing is, it was also a low level LD - I could never do it in the higher level ones.

The trick is believing that you can do it. There’s no right or wrong way to fly, so you should just do what feels natural. For me, that’s jumping in the air into a horizontal position, and ‘feeling’ some sort of force hold me up.

Flying in a lucid dream has never been a difficulty for me, so rather than being something that’s either easy or difficult across the board it differs from person to person. In my case it might even differ from dream to dream, as some of my dreams are vivid and wild enough for that to happen, whereas the concept of flying hasn’t even occurred to me in others. Just a few days ago I had a short lucid dream in which I tried to fly by jumping down a flight of stairs, but as soon as I was airborn, the dream froze for a few moments and ended in a false awakening. Think of your computer freezing; that’s exactly what happened! :eek:

That’s just about right. Problem is, once you’ve failed a few times, I’d imagine that it would be hard to believe in yourself. :wink: I’m lucky in that I’ve never disbelieved myself when it came to flying. After all, I have flown before in just about a handful of normal dreams.

Yeah. This all is happening only in your head, so you have full control over dream, just be aware of that fact in dream. Don’t will yourself that you can’t do so and stay positive. And if you want, read my-not-finished-yet tutorial that helps to learn flying.

In my first lucid dream, I just kicked off the ground and started flying… I’ve flown in almost every lucid dream ever since and I never had any problems with it.

Just do it!

I am lucky enough to never have had any trouble with flying. It comes easily enough for me, so I can’t quite say I know where you’re coming from, but I can offer some advice. :smile:

You really just need to believe you can. Even if it sounds silly. Try not to let your thoughts go something like, “Okay, I’m dreaming! Let’s try flying!-- Oh wait, that’s right… I forgot it’s so difficult. :sad:” Try to believe that you can from the start. If you tell yourself you can’t, then you won’t. But trying hard and believing you can will help! You can even try imagining what it would be like, and then take a leap off the ground! :fly:

Also, in case you haven’t read it yet, there is some good information in the LD4all guide under “While” then “fly!”. :yes:

Hope it helps. :smile:

Thanks everyone who posted! Coments where helpful! :smile: :smile:

I have, but with very little control, but that must be a trade in for…


Flying is one of the few things i nearly always remember to do once i become lucid. But it never goes completely smoothly :tongue: Taking off from the ground and staying high enough are the main problems. I’m constantly sinking slowly towards earth while fighting against it. But the more i do it i notice some improvement so don’t give up. It really helps to try different techniques to see what works for you.

well technicly you can have both, you controll it. But Homefully im getting a LD tonite. Ill try seing the furture, I belive you can.

I think my biggest problem with flying was/is that I don’t truly believe in myself sometimes. I remember my best times flying was when I was fully 100% convinced that I could fly and I had no doubt about it at all. I practically yelled at myself to do that, but whatever gets the job done. :wink:

While talking about flying:

  • Has anyone tried flying to the moon? Or maybe the sun? :happy:
    I wonder what that would be like :grin:
    I’ll try that next time I have a LD.
    Question is: Where to go first? The sun or the moon? Or why not Mars or Jupiter? :tongue:
    Outern space experiences anyone? :wink:

well ive had one, but i did not fly there, i teleported. It was fast and easy. But it was not to a known plant, it was to another galaxy! The sun was neon green, it was dim, and it was wonderful!

I tried to fly to the moon once.
But as soon as i got higher in the anthmosphere the damn thing sunk beyond the horizon very fast.
And i wasn´t abble to summon it back up after that :sad:

I’ve done it in two of three LDs so far, the first one I barely had any control over.

Faith goes a long way.

I’ve never tried flying to the moon, sun, or any planets in my LD’s before. It sounds like a lot of fun though, so I’ll be sure to give it a go sometime in the near future! :wink:

(Key word: “near”. As in, next time I actually get lucid. :razz:)

I had this dream just over a year ago:

The most amazing dream i had though was - falling through the earth’s atmosphere. (which you can also find somewhere in my dream diary) Above me was black space and below - blue sky and clouds.

Last night i tried to go to the sun, I started standing on a street and I went straight up into the sky, I flew superfast. It didn’t take more than a second or two until I was high above the clouds and at the end of the athmospehere. Above me was a complete darkness. From now I couldn’t get any higher so i woke up :sad:
The goal of my journey was the sun, but I never even saw it =P
I didn’t like the way space looked in my dream anyway, so i guess i’ll never try to travel there again :content:

Somewhere along the way, I forgot how to fly. Or forgot about flying. I wasn’t good at it before, but now I’m even worse. But I’m relearning it. At least I got off the ground today, ofcourse I started going backwards but I got around to flying forwards again. Then I woke up.
I’ve been thinking that maybe there is something to what they say in peter pan. Find a happy thought. I’ve had experiences where joy itself made me fly. Maybe it could even be considered a technique for flying. More research is needed on that though I suppose.

I flew in my one and only LD, it was initiated by making myself fall from space :o

An inch or so away from the ground I stopped falling, and started floating. It felt really cool.