The BIG "Hi I'm new here!" Topic XV

Hi all,
I’m new to this page and forum, but already find it quite interesting. I found out about LD and so on a few weeks ago from a friend and immediately started exploring the topic more. Haven’t had any LDs yet (at least not intentionally, remember at least one though from some time ago), but I already enjoy recalling several dreams almost every night, something that never happened to me before to that same extent.
From the religious point of view I’d call myself an agnostic, if not a deist (suppose I’m so agnostic that I’m not sure, whether I’m agnostic) and love Philosophy (which I am about to start studying at university) - so LDing also appeals to me from that angle.

And I really like the forum and so on already, seems really nice.

(real name Philipp, male, 18)

:wave: hello Neyak, welcome to the ld4all community :grin:
Since you love Philosophy, you will enjoy our Philosopher’s Cloud forum :content:
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I’ve already posted in a few places, but I guess I should go ahead and introduce myself. I’m a writer, unpublished (so far), 23. I live in a little town outside of Dallas, Texas, and I’ve been a Lucid dreamer for years without ever realizing it. Lots of times I realize I’m in a dream, so I decide to give myself a better car, or I decide I’m hungry, but I always stayed rooted pretty firmly in the dreamscape that had been provided for me. for the car, I’d go buy it from a neighbor or something (always thought it was odd how easy it was to find exactly what I was shopping for) For food, I’d go to a restaurant.
There was a dream I had the other day where a car almost ran me over , and my buddy Bruce (who exists mostly in my head for the last few years) told me to write the licence plat edown. I woke up out of the dream, worte down the plat enumbers and went back into my dream world. the next day I foundthe sheet where I had written the number and on the page was (no joke) L D 4 A L L. So one thing led to antoehr and I wound up here. weird huh. Anyway… the site is a revelation. Loving it

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:wow: we have a topic titled “How did you get here?” I’m not sure which option you could choose … unless you pick subliminal message from aliens :tongue:

Okay I’m new here. Sureal told me about this place on another site, so I thought I’d join. This whole lucid dreaming thing sounds really cool, and I’ve known about it for a while, but I’ve never seriously tried it. According to what I read in the home page, I need to start remembering a lot more dreams before I even think about attempting lucidity.

I’ve gotten really close a few times. Just a couple weeks ago I dreamed I was somewhere with my crush and I woke up for a second and I’m all Hey I was dreaming! so I try to fall back asleep and be lucid, but of course I immediately forget. That’s how my “lucid” dreams have pretty much been.

So anyway, I look forward to figuring my way out around here! See ya!

:wave: hello Niteowl, welcome to ld4all
so sureal is doing a recruitment campaign among his friends :tongue:
Have you read his ld4all journal? He’s famous for his “Girls, Girls, Girls” dream :peek: you will find it in the dream journal forum. :wiske:

Hi everybody :smile:

I’ve just come upon ‘lucid dreaming’ yesterday, although a girlfriend of mine introuced me to the idea some time back.

Now, as a start I’m just trying to remember my dreams. I’m not one of those persons who are able to recall dreams when waking up in the morning, and so my accomplishment of remembering two dreams from last night’s sleep has left me with a great entusiasm :content:

Now, I’m really fascinated by ld, and if I were able to do so, I would do it straight away, but I too realize that I’m quite a newbie at this. I guess what I’m asking is, for how do I have to remember my dreams before I can start practicing ld?

Also, I wonder if some of you ld-experts out there might have some great tips and exercises to pass on? C’mon, I know you are dying to lecture a ld-newbie-punk such as myself :wink:


hello DaneVang
welcome to ld4all :boogie:
if you goto the website page … highlight=

not to mention the famous wiki book that r3m0t compiled and our lucid library.
Have fun exploring :happy:

Hello, I’ve been trying LD for only 2 days now, and have been doing rc regulary. So far I have brought up dreams in a dream so I might be getting close to an LD.

:wave: hello Randomperson and welcome to ld4all
Dreaming about
2.people talking about dreams
is a good sign that the subject of lucid dreams in on your mind and you are more likely to realise you are dreaming while asleep.
Don’t forget to post in our “My first LD” sticky topic in the dream diary forum when you experience your first LD :grin:


I’m new here. Just to introduce myself, I am frequent Lucid Dreamer for about 2 and a half week. Also, I chat here sometimes and my screen name is ImWeird. Some people here might know me.

Thanks for your attention ? (Laughing out loud(I hate abbriviations))


So many new members all the sudden. Welcome all.
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It’s great to have you all here.

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I learned about lucid dreaming from the Wikibook…where you guys slipped so many of your own links in there XD

I always really just took my dreams for granted but now that I’ve seen that they can be controlled…well, I’d rather be active in my dream rather than just autonomously wandering around :slight_smile:

Then after reading a post in the person reading Pedro’s dream diary inspired lucidity, I snapped and made an account. Hi, all :3

:wave: hello CDAhmedEH (i nearly typed hello imweird … then i had second thoughts :tongue: ) and Spiritsnare
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:rofl: wow we have been having a lot of new members, we are nearly on part 16! :happy: I’ll edit the new link to her post now… thanks for letting us know.
You’ll find a lot of inspiration in the dream diary forum just choose the journals you wish to follow :grin:

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Hi everyone! I’ve only just found this site and just had to sign up because it’s full of so many interesting ideas. Um I would tell you all a bit about myself but I’m actually the most boring person you’ll ever meet with more problems than a book of brainteasers.

Anyway, I found this site after I watched the film Vanilla Sky and followed a load of websites about the film and then to dreaming and then to - well - here :smile:

Hi and welcome, Theseus! Don’t worry, I am probably more boring than you. :tongue: Have you ever had a lucid dream? It is a lovery thing :cool:

@Siiw - I’ve had a couple of experiences by complete accident I think where I suddenly just sort of become aware that I’m dreaming and actually wake myself up.

At first I thought that maybe I was dreaming that I knew I was dreaming (if that makes sense) but then it happened to me again and I distinctly remember thinking about what I could do in the dream. The only experience I’ve had of actually doing anything in a dream is flying but this may sound weird but I couldn’t actually fly only just sort of jump and then fall out of the sky.

I stumbled on this website last night when I was on another forum I post at. I find this topic very curious. I am not a spiritual person, and as such I would otherwise dismiss the concept of LD. However, it appears there is much scientific research in the matter, and according to logic, this seems like a very legit skill. I am also curious to see that many cultures utilize LD and rever the people who are LD’ers (such as Shamans in many tribal cultures). I find it interesting that the spirit world that such Shamans interacted with in meditation is, in fact, an LD experience. I am intrigued to train myself to perform such LD’s and manipulate my surroundings and actions. I find dreams very interesting and if I can LD, I get the feeling I may incorporate my LD experiences in my poetry. Which I encourage y’all to read. I took out an old composition book in which I used to write a general journal and use it as a dream journal. In fact, I already have my first entry. So I hope I can do this. I usually have a problem committing to anything, but I feel very excited about this. Hopefully, I won’t lose interest. Wish me luck y’all. :wink:

Welcome and good luck Soulshifter666 :content:

Yesterday i had this strange experience…
I was in my bed sleeping but doing the WILD technique.
Suddenly i see a little bright image and i feel like going fast to it… then im in this dream that 2 classmates are in a tournament(one that i was yesterday) one is playing and the other is beside him telling him to stop in a very serious way…
then i feel this very strange feeling of knowing that something’s wrong. I know is a dream but the dream very quickly became a deep thought. I THINK i had another LD but it was so quick that i didn’t notice… it couldn’t be a normal dream cuz then it will last much more time…weird :bored:

I have accidentally WILD’ed before. That is why I am buying into this, because I have had firsthand experiences. My WILD experiences don’t last though, usually I trip or fall over in the dream and actually use my physical body to brace my fall. In other words I spaz out in bed. I imagine that if someone watched me do that, they would find it very entertaining, lol.