(WILD Reference) The Trance Levels with Awareness

my apologies again, this topic is a split from earlier topic, but using WILD instead of DILD.

How to use awareness while going to sleep? A WILD Technique

WILD is just keeping your mind awake while going to sleep.

By using to the Awareness Mastering Technique while going to sleep, you can ask you the test questions to maintain your mind in the first or second level.

The earlier posted conscious levels:

You can ask yourself these questions while getting into the sleep/trance.

The trance levels table is a reference I created from mastering WILD technique.

If you get into third conscious level, you will probably lose the track of your WILD.

By knowing the Trance Levels, you will be able to detect how far you are from getting inside your dream.

And no, I have not calculated how much time lasts each level.

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Ah, very interesting. One of the most difficult things for me is knowing how far I have until sleep. I usually mix WILD with mantras and other such things, and starting too early keeps me from falling asleep very easily, but if I wait too long I begin to just slip into unconsciousness without even trying to WILD. This is the first time I have seen either of your charts, and it certainly has given me something to think about :content:

Thank you so much Tggtt. I’ve bookmarked this thread for later on studying. Doing a WBTB tonight so…

You are welcome. (both of you)

I think I can improve the post as well, the table should be better explained.

Anyway, please comment about successes on using it.

Good luck!

Whenever I wake up, I remember that I attempted a WILD but I only remember getting into bed and breathing deeply. So obviously I fall asleep. Fast. Too fast. How can I stay awake?

Instead of just thinking on breathing, try being a little more active with it. Think to yourself “I’m dreaming” over and over. Even if the WILD fails, you then have a shot at MILD :content:

When I was performing a while ago I found a good way. When you lie and you have your muscles relaxed just do not move and think (not too fast): “One… I know I’m dreaming… Two… I know I’m dreaming… Three… I know I’m dreaming… Four…” and so on. This way worked very much for me and I succeded to have nice LD once and few sleep paralyses, maybe it will work for you as well :smile:

Thanks man! recently I have been using WILD but i didn’t know when to move :content:

So, what are the levels you are aiming for? 1st? 10th? I’m unsure.

But I do know that I can pick out which levels I’ve experienced before. Most notably Limb Anesthesia just this morning. Had a lot of dreams, but sadly, I awoke and returned to sleep so many times they all became fragmented.