[software] LucidWarp (old)

[color=darkblue][size=142]The Migration from Normal Dreams to Lucid Dreams[/size][/color]
Programmed & Written by: BenDrummin58
Tested by: Lunatic, Guitar Man, and Miskingo

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Other Software
[color=darkblue]The Lucid Dreaming Digibook[/color]

General Information
Lucid Warp is now available, but you don’t want to download it until you know some information about it, eh? Well, wait no more.

Lucid Warp is a seven day training course that transforms you and your mind to allow yourself to Lucid Dream at will. Many people have called this idea the “Holy Grail” of Lucid Dreaming, and to be honest with you, it is.

You learn to believe and expect various things to happen by experimenting each day with new things. Every day builds up ontop of the other, and end up giving you the ultamite power to lucid dream. You will also figure out how to control your mind, rather than have your mind control you, which can help you in so many things other than lucid dreaming.

You know what the best part about all of this is? It is that you only have to do this method ONCE. After that, as long as you keep the same state of mind as you did during the 7 Days, you will have a very successfull lucid dreaming career; you could even lucid dream every single night if you wanted to!

During this course, all you have to do is believe, and you will be able to accomplish anything you set your eyes on.

So go ahead, click the download link. It is finally time for you to unlock the bolted door between you and the art of Lucid Dreaming, once and for all. Welcome to the world of the endless.

BTW, this software is free, as well as all of my others.

The following preview is from the first page of the introduction of LucidWarp.

Preview of LucidWarp

just thought i should mention that calling it the “holy grail” of lucid techniques isn’t something you should do because everyone has their own “holy grail” personaly i know mine because its an idea i thought up myself and then read about basicly the exact same technique somewhere else (not sure where). havent gotten the chance to try it, still waiting to prove myself right for once

No worries, I used my word choice very carefully. This IS the “holy grail” because every single human being has what it takes to accomplish this method. The technique itself is very very simple, it’s just the preperation that can stop you, which is why I’ve turned this into a 7-Day method.

I say holy grail because in this tech, you basically “hack” into your subconscious and allow yourself to dream whenever you desire. How? Well, it is actually very very simple. All I can say is expectations and beliefs go a very, very long way :cool:

I must also say to prevent future arguments, that I am not claiming this as the official, or even only, “holy grail” technique. Nor am I saying this will 100% work on every single person. Reason why it won’t work on everybody, is because you will always have a person that does not do the technique correctly. So really, I should just say that this WILL work on 100% of the people that do this technique how it is written.

Hope I cleared confusion :smile:

Heh, looking forward for that.

Let’s see if it works for me…

Me too im looking forward. If it really work it would be great.

Where did you learn of this technique?

I’ll check this out for sure. Haxing the subconscious. The last thing left to do for me…:colgate:

The actual technique was entirely made up and written by me. However, the idea of the technique (the whole expectation process), has been around for quite some time now… All I am doing, is making this idea easier for people, and allowing everybody to finally unlock their paths to lucidity.

UPDATE: On the first post, I have provided a preview of the very first page of the program. Maybe that will allow some people to better understand what this technique is about. :smile:

Very nice. No chance on releasing it like, within a couple of hours? I really want it bad and try it tonight XD

I’m looking foward to downloading this and trying out the technique :grin:

Delayed? :sad:

Oooh I’m looking forward to this too :happy: wonder if it’ll work for me?

Dream on. // Olesia

Yeah sorry about that. I had other things to attend to this weekend…but I will assure you it will be released by this thursday (March 9). I’ll be adding more information about it later tonight though onto this thread…

BenDrummin, do you ever think you’ll patent these things and put them out for the public? Or even online or something? You have some great ideas and things.

me and my mac cant wait to see the pdf version…since I cant see the others :cry:

They are out in the public :smile: Patenting it isn’t entirely out of the question, but I doubt I will…only because this software was really just made for LD4all users, and is just some handy shareware :smile: thankyou for the compliment though!

I’m trying to get the PDF for both this software and the Lucid Dreaming Digibook completed by the end of this week, so hopefully that works out…otherwise if it doesn’t, I will be on vacation next week, and will not be able to even think about releasing it until the week of March 19. I’m trying my best though :wink:

An update…the software itself is finished. All that is left is just testing, and somebody to proof read my writing. The thing about this method is I wrote it entirely from scratch…so I need to make sure it works out ok :smile: By the way…if anybody wants to help out on reading the whole entire software, that would be awesome :smile: Just reply back.

Also…for the record…since I’ve had many questions about this on msn, I’ll just answer now… This “method” is really only meant to be used once, and that’s it. It will make much more sense when you start reading it…but yeah. It deals with handling your mind in a way so that you are in control, rather than it being in control of you.

Also, expected file size will be around 10 MB for the Detailed Version…and around 50 KB for the Plain Version.

hehe ONE last thing. I have the release date as March 8…but if I can get this thing tested and read, it could be available March 7, or even tomorrow night!

That’s all!

Can’t wait! Good job and if you need anyhelp just conact me.

Do I read right its just shareware version ?
No way im gonna pay for that.

Yeah I wrote that on the first post… Every program I make for this website is completely dedicated and free. Paying for knowledge is stupid in my opinion :smile:

And Miskingo I just may hold you up on your offer :cool: I’ll try and get in touch with you tomorrow if you are still up for the job.

Ok you can contact me on AIM whenever you need me, no trouble what so ever.