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New Method - OILD: [New Method - OILD - Thoughts?)

Well, it’s not new anymore, but here’s mine…

Chaining (also known as wake-up-and-don’t-move)

I think this technique is also known as the “dream re-entry technique”… :content:

Works amazingly well when you wake up from an LD, I had a lot of serial LDs thanks to this technique. :grin:

Although if you abuse it, you sort of lose the memories of your first LDs.

I really believe this technique should be explain clearly and then be sticky… :tongue:

Thank you dunlar for pointing this technique out. I didn’t know you invented it. I was calling it the dream reentry technique, but I wonder now if it is exactly the same.

Anyway, here is the link towards the DRT:

The Dream Reentry technique

Need to be mentioned. A very strange technique: the BUBILD technique. Means for the Butt Ugly Beard Induction of Lucid Dreams! :happy:

I made some techniques really stupid BUT NOT like that one!! (I didn’t think they are worth a topic).

Most Stupid Tggtt Techniques

[New Technique!)

Yayness. I get to post here. I’ll call this technique.


Self-hypnotism induced lucid dream

(Ysim’s Induction for Lucid Dreams)

It’s really just a variation of WILD, but it’s easier and more effective for me then any other WILD technique I’ve read. Good luck everyone! :content:

My RILD technique: RILD

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This technique is used to prolong lucid dreams and is especially helpful to the people who can’t seem to stay in a dream but a few secs or minutes. I call it the breathing technique.

Prolonging tech: the breathing technique

I add a link towards this new technique here so that it won’t be lost amongst other threads:
Combining HI and visualisation to WILD

A link towards the Reflexion-intention technique, as it was defined by Paul Tholey and refined by Stephen Laberge. It’s something mixing RC’s and a sort of MILD.

The Cycle adjustement technique.

At first sight, it’s not really an induction technique but a sort of diet in order to adjust the mind-body cycles in a way that creates an improved environment for LD’ing.

I noticed that the Hand technique was not mentionned here. :bored: It’s not really a new technique, cause it was very famous in the 80’s and many people learned to LD with it. It may be called too the Castaneda technique, the Don Juan technique, the finding your hands technique, etc.

It’s very simple indeed. You just :wink: have to find your hands in dreams. Do as you want.
Hand method.

StantheGarbageMan told about it in Magic Fingers, and you must have merged the topics :content: .
By the way, I’ve posted here months ago, and it’s still in the last page… this topic was kinda forgotten…
I’m working in another techniques, but I’m more excited about a new way to improve DR I did.

I’ve succeded in 3 techs I’ve done the last months I’ve been around.
One is a WILD like which you try to get up from bed, to your dream to waste less time possible, along with DC summoning it was great.
Another one is about a signs and notes. Everytime you wake up during the night look at the mirror and write it down (for counting later), it helps at reality checks, you will see that you can have more FAs than you think, lately I’ve suceeded in some DILDs.
The last one is a bit weird too, it’s a WILD which forces yourself to sleep faster, with hyperventilation, with some full breaths you will be asleep before forgetting to WILD.

Yes indeed, I’ve merged the topics. And I posted about this technique too. My post is perhaps in the archive now.

If you develop new techniques, you can do a special thread about each of them, and add there a post linking to this thread with a brief summary.

I am not sure weather or not this tequnique is on here but here goes. Well it isnt a tequnique on its own it just helps relaxation and can be used in conjunction with WILD or trance states. Basically it is called Tactile imaging (excuse the spelling) this tequnique was made by Robert Bruce a very experience Mystic and OBE’er (his book astral dynamics is reeeeeeellly good0
Basically when you have taken about 20 deep breaths and feel rather setteled you imagine yourself climbing down a rope. or climng up (climing up is usually used for a consious exit OBE but thats another story entirelly)
anyways you do not actually visulise any images as such as for example you would if you were imagining your self walking down a srairs insted you imagine feeling yourself falling. This tricks the sub-consious in to triggering the sleep mechanism hence you enter a trance wich is where the hypnagogic(spelling sorry) imagery used in WILD tequnique is seen.
To sum up

  1. Using a breath tequnique such as breath awareness get comfortable and proceed with around 20 deep breaths

  2. Imagine yourself climbing down a rope in the darkness
    do not see the rope only try to feel it

  3. After a while you should enter a Trance/ deep metatative state (try to hold your thoughts steady, whilst climbing i recomend you focus on your breathing)

  4. you should evencully see the hypnagogic imagery and perhaps feel vibrations
    (These vibrations are energy movement in the etheic / energy body)

  5. You should then be able to enter a LD

NOTE : deep physicall relaxation is recomended a hot bath(optional ovcource) and some basic streaching and tensing is usually adequate.

I hope this tequnique works for you. Good Luck


It’s a typical WILD, but there is used another way to keep consciousness. I have been trying this few times, when i was more in OoBE than in LD’s. Diffrence was that instead of entering LD, i kept trying to get out of my body (which never worked BTW). But there is actually no matter of way of keeping consciousness, effect is one: abitily of getting LD, OoBE and propably another effect we don’t know.

:grin: LOL I wish I saw that one before… which don’t means i’m gonna use it :tongue:

sorry my OBE side came in to play there lol oh and the reason you could not get out of your body is proboblly because of chakras and other energy body aspects unfortunatlly OBE is sooo much more complex than lucid dreaming however i am not stating that lucid dreaming is inferior ovcource.
Anyway that tequnique is ment for trance induction it can induce a concious exit OBE however to achieve an LD you need to be in the same state as the 3rd state of OBE wich is hypnagogic imagery. But yeah as i mention it is simplly a trance induction tequnique it actully come from robert bruce as stated above. For a referance as also mentiond above it come from the book “astral dynamics a new approach to outer body experience” if you are intrested i highlly recomed you get a copy. as also stated above lol i think i might be repeating my see a wee bit.

I was interested in OBE AP thing for some time, but I think it’s pretty dangerous stuff to mess and play with. I got more interested in lucid dreaming then, that was more like a side effect of OoBE for me.

As I said, keeping consciousness is way to enter weird state of HH, SP, buzz in ears, etc. You can both enter into LD, or leave your body then. So, vaiation of WILD you showed is fully able to do, there is no thing you should be sorry about. :smile: