Lucidity Challenge 42—Winner: Wyvern!

^ From what I see in your journal, you shot lasers during a non-lucid part of the dream. You don’t get the “task while lucid” points, but you still get credit for the short LD, doing Task 6 while it was the latest task, and firing a laser. I wish I had a giant mech in my dreams! :tongue: I’ve added your points to the scores.

2 LDs, woke up in between them. One was short, and the other was very short.

Claiming points for:
2 short LDs
Firing a laser
Week 6 team dream

SPOILER - Click to view

I was at my friends house sitting on the couch with my cousin. I heard my friend coming down the stairs, and I told my cousin to move over, because we were sitting in my friends spot. This angered my cousin, and he started complaining. Well my friend heard his complaining, and when he got downstairs, he told my cousin to leave.

The outside scene was my childhood home (my backyard was a junkyard, so there was always random stuff in the back). I went outside, and saw some kind of big cooking thing, and started to use it, and made some kind of candy. My cousin was still inside. When my cousin walked out, I found a cell phone in the ashes inside this cooker, brought it to my friend, and went back outside.

I started to fly. I wasn’t able to go very high at first because the roof of the house I just left was pretty short, but I was eventually able to go higher. I looked up at the stars, and decided I wanted to go to space. I thought to myself “This will complete my second personal goal for the LC”, that’s when I became lucid. Two thoughts crossed my mind, “I should land and walk through a door to space”, and “You fool, this is just going to end the dream”. I went anyway, I focused on the stars, and felt myself going higher and higher. I started to sing a song to try and help myself get to space. “Going to space, going to space, going to space, cuz that’s where I belong!” Then I woke up.

In my next dream, I recall talking to my cousin about my friend being a dick.

I saw a loading screen similar to a video game, with a picture of Harley Quinn. I was in my hometown at night on the street. I started calling out for Letaali, and looking at all the people. I saw an older bald man wearing glasses wave my down. I assumed the was Letaali. I said “ok lets fire lasers!” I started to charge my laser Kamehameha style, and so did Letaali. When I fired, nothing came out. I looked back at Letaali, he didn’t fire one either.

I lifted my hand up, and started focusing on it, and it started to glow. I noticed a ball starting to form, and energy was forming around it. I looked for something to fire at, and noticed a truck. I felt my lucidity starting to fade the more I focused on the laser, so I tried to focus on my consciousness, and my ball of energy started to fade.

I said “Oh well, I got one chance!”, then fully charged my laser and fired. The beam was raw energy, in more of a cone shape, unfocused, and blue. I had never felt so much power! I hit the truck, and blue energy erupted everywhere! It also made a zapping sound. The truck started lifting up in the air as my dream started to fade to white. I tried to regain my lucidity, but all I could see was the truck. Then I woke up.

For the second dream, I don’t recall becoming lucid, or if I was lucid, I just assume I was because of the way I acted, and felt.

Wow. Such laser!

^ I’m glad to hear you felt so empowered. :happy: Those dreams distanced you from third place a good bit, too.

The scores are updated.

It’s easier to just post the irc log :razz:

[spoiler][18:04] <@Rhewin> In a world where these paintings came tolife after a certain time of day
[18:04] <@Rhewin> Walked around with Nikola Tesla’s painting for a while
[18:04] <@Thorn> like Night at the Museum?
[18:04] <@Rhewin> Mmhm
[18:04] <&weesiiw> you slept with irc on? did it influence yourdreams?
[18:04] <@Thorn> or like Super Mario 64
[18:04] <@Rhewin> Very similar
[18:04] <@Thorn> …okay, the former
[18:04] <@Rhewin> weesiiw, my computer is in another room
[18:05] <&weesiiw> and that does sound awesome
[18:05] <@Rhewin> It was funny, though. Some of the artwork only came partly to life, like mouths or whatnot
[18:05] <@Rhewin> And guess what I found, Thorn
[18:06] <Scipio|Mobile> His avatar?
[18:06] * Thorn resists making a dirty joke
[18:06] <@Rhewin> Nope, after looking I found the picture ofthe Floraiju XD
[18:07] <Scipio|Mobile> :open_mouth:
[18:07] <@Thorn> you totally chilled with it and talked for points, right?
[18:07] <@Thorn> or knowing you, you burned it
[18:08] <@Rhewin> I asked it how it was doing. It just sort of ran away into the painting, and I couldn’t follow
[18:08] <@Thorn> should’ve Super Mario 64’d that thing
[18:08] <@Thorn> or Blues Clues’d it
[18:08] <@Rhewin> I tried
[18:08] <@Thorn> whichever you prefer
[18:08] <@Rhewin> It was a solid wall[/spoiler]

tl;dr long LD, encountered Floraiju, tried to peacefully talk to it.

^ I still say you need to practice your Blues Clues skills. In any case, I’ve updated the scores.

Well hit a bump and fell in a slump since my last post… And I almost overlooked the fact that I NLD’d a task this morning. Hopefully a sign that things are looking up and I can at least have my recall back? :tongue:

A LASER Shard ~ Non-Lucid Dream ~ Task 6 Part I EARLY

Stats so far:

[spoiler]Short LDs: 5
Medium LDs: 6
Long LDs: 2
Chains: 5

Task 1:-E Did some date math. | Levitated a van and went to the Astral Plain. | Became Mewtwo (Not Team Dream)
Task 2:-E SUPER SAIYAN SCIPIO. | Smashed things. Ripped a tree out of the ground. Transformed via injection.
Task 3:-C Took a bite out of my shirt.
Task 4:-E Inflated and rolled head over heels. Transformed into a werewolf via moonlight. | Held small metal marbles (slugs) as well as larger orbs of energy.
Task 5:-E Transformed into a Floraiju, Encountered a Floraiju and held a conversation with him.
Task 6:-E Fired a laser from my hands.

^ Welp, it’s a laser alright! I’d say that all the bacon in the world couldn’t win you the LC now, but I don’t want to discourage you (and I don’t think anybody would get the reference :tongue:).

The scores are updated.

Short lucidity before waking up. I stopped in the dream and tried to focus but I couldn’t force myself to stay in the dream.

^ That happens to the best of us; don’t sweat it. I’ve added a short lucid dream to the scores.

I had a ND last night where I was Iron Man. I shot a laser out of my hands at someone. It was more like when he normally attacks using his hands, but it felt more like a laser in the dream. So, I’m not a hundred percent sure if that counts, but if it doesn’t let me know.

Also, I didn’t eat my own clothes, but I did find a DC that ate my laundry and could then recite each piece of clothing he ate. He claimed to have eidetic laundry memory. Too bad that doesn’t count. :sad: It was pretty hilarious.

LDs galore…
Another one. Yaaaaaaay… .___.

Had a short LD last night. Im claiming points for completing the monthly quest.

SPOILER - Click to view

I was in my dream, laying in bed trying to WILD. I managed to separate myself from my body. I felt transparent, more like a ghost. I walked out of my room, picked up the tv to test my lucidity, it was very light. I walk up to the kitchen table, picked up my cell phone, and took a selfie. When I looked at the picture, it was of my cousin, except his facial features were exaggerated. I looked at the phone I was holding, and I was no longer mine. Not happy with the picture I took, I picked up my phone again from the table. I started to dance around to try and keep my lucidity. While navigating through menus on my phone I woke up.

[color=olive]A Med LD and Short LD
Med LD
-Regained lucidity multiple times
-Arrived on Abandoned Earth/ If you count the Earth in an alternate realm as a foreign planet
-Used telekinesis/psychokinesis on an object larger than a human
-Used telekinesis/psychokenisis on a DC granting a very short lived flight

Short LD
-Regained lucidity
-Bulked up (White Hulk), lost lucidity during the transformation, and the dream ended soon afterward

Took a nap today, and had a short LD. I think I may have completed my second personal goal.

SPOILER - Click to view

This one starts with a DEILD. I was in a house, with yellow walls, and doors everywhere. I started walking through doors trying to find my way out. I got tired of it, looked at my next door which was slightly open. I could see light shining through the crack. I said “This door leads to space!” the word space echoed through my head.

I opened the door, the room was lined large with windows, and through the windows I could see stars. When I looked down, there was no floor, and I could see a planet below. I took a running jump into the room with an attempt to fly out the window. When I entered the room, there was no gravity, I felt myself floating without trying to do so. Then I woke up.

HeadInTheClouds, I guess it counts? I wasn’t in the dream to tell you what it actually was, so I’m going to take your word for it.

Oleg, you should totally use more smilies. You’ve attained a very good rate of lucidity!

drd, it’s cool how your dream put you in a room in space. Is the room someplace you could call your own, or is it a one-off dream location?

Koharo, it is still the weirdest thing to me that lucidity comes and goes so often during your dreams. I suppose it works as unintentional LC points for you, but I think you’d enjoy yourself more if you figured out why you lose lucidity in the first place. :razz:

I’ve updated the scores. The final task will be posted in about 21 hours!

Had a short LD last night where I went to get beer… and arrived in a location with large candy canes and large towering beer bottles.

^ Were there large pretzels to eat after drinking the large beer? I’ve added in your points.

I’m more of a quality person rather than a quantity one…

Also, had no recall last night, so there’s that. :I

I had a short LD last night and transformed into a Floraju, although I failed to sprout the wings or tail.

Oleg, if you have the quantity, you can use it to spend time investigating your LDs. How do they feel compared to waking life? Do any particular actions cause a change in stability? Once you have these answers, you can acquire quality.

HeadInTheClouds, I’ll take that. I started kaiju-ifying myself in a lucid dream this morning too; I guess we think alike. :smile:

Here’s the results through Task 6!1. Wyvern (2170)

  1. drd (1710)
  2. Rhewin (1360)
  3. Scipio Xaos (1065)
  4. HeadInTheClouds (870)
  5. Siiw (815)
  6. Lucidis (735)
  7. Koharo (690)
  8. Eterna (650)
  9. Oleg (450)
  10. Hodge_Podge (380)
  11. Letaali (365)
  12. Loah, James_UK2008 (340)
  13. demented (160)
  14. ian1 (70)
  15. Yev (45)
  16. paual (5)
  17. mr_Block (0)
    The high end of the rankings didn’t change much compared to last week, nor did the low end, but the players in the middle shifted around a bit. Make the last week count!

The Action team averaged 1.00 Task 6 subtasks per member and gets a bonus 40-point subtask in the upcoming task. The Shapeshifter team averaged 0.67 subtasks, losing by one member doing one more subtask; this is the second week in a row the Action and Shapeshifter team differed by one subtask. The Traveler team managed 0.40 subtasks per member and was carried by Siiw alone. As we’re going into the final task, there will of course not be any team rewards next week; it’s all about what you can do from here on out!

Task 7 will go up in seven minutes!