Ye Olde LD4all Forum Guidelines

these were the guidelines on the previous forum (2002-2020).

The new guidelines are :arrow_right: here :arrow_left:

If you came here through a link, please let @pasquale know so she can set it to the new guidelines post. Thank you!

updated general guidelines

slight clearification on the external links in sig rule:


slight addition:

yay another addition. Don’t forget to read the smallprint :grin:

another addition:


I updated the sig guidelines:

updated again

I have updated the rules a bit with more explanation.

an addition about the no drugs rule:

and a better explanation what is considered spam:

I added this now:

Another addition, added some more explanation to several subjects:

another addition:

updated with the new sig and ava allowances ( 4 lines / 100x100 )

There seems to be a new trend of quoting the entire previous post and then add a one sentence or chatspeak reply. So I have added something about this in the rules.

small rewrite on the spam rules

Spam is promoting your or someone else’s stuff, wether it is commercial or non-profit.
A topic that the mods consider spam will be removed without notice. If you persist posting the same message this can result in a ban.

Example of subjects that are considered spam and will directly be removed:* promoting your own (or someone elses) site or product

  • Asking peope to gather material for your site / speech / project (eg: do my homework assignment for me)
  • Announcing you have a novadreamer for sale on ebay (or you have seen one for sale)
  • Asking for people to participate in research / polls, etc (exceptions can be made for research projects related to lucid dreaming. It is advisible that you then start an experiment in the Lab forum)
  • Asking people to participate in interviews/articles/reports
  • Asking people to write a review / asking for feedback about your own site/product.
  • Asking people to vote, rate a page, to join a tribe or help getting an i-pod

If you would like to let people know about your own website you can put a link in your profile or post in the BIG “my website” topic in the gathering. (known members only, read the first post in the topic).

It’s equally not allowed to put spam messages in your signature, or to use an URL as your username or in your avatar.

exception If you have to do a poll or Questionnaire for a school project (not LD related) ask permission of one of the Gathering Mods (moogle & magnus).

An update that we thought had been there for ages already:

English only
This is an international community, to keep the open atmosphere and the “4 all” spirit, we ask you to post in the forum’s language, which is English. If you do post something in another language, please always provide a translation.

A clarification added.

So to clarify, it must not be anthing for which a prescription is required. Plus we are an international forum so bear in mind that while you may be able to freely buy it in your country, it may be prescription only in other countries.