WILD - A user friendly tutorial

WILD - A user friendly tutorial

WILD… the holy grail of lucid dreaming. You can have a lucid dream any time you want to, as long as you keep focused! What’s better than that? If you do it correctly, you’re almost guaranteed to have a lucid dream, though doing it wrong can be terribly frustrating, and easier than you think. :ohno: This is a tutorial that’s easy to see how far you get with pictures. So… let’s get wild!

WILD is best done right after waking up, or in afternoon naps. That doesn’t stop you from doing it before going to bed. If you are doing it before bed, I recommend you do it after a long day. Step number one is to relax yourself while in your bed/couch/chair/coffin. There are plenty of relaxation methods to use. If you don’t know any, just pretend you’re getting massaged. If you haven’t already, close your eyes. Right when you close your eyes, you’ll probably see random colors. Here’s an example:

Ain’t that pretty? Remember that the colors will be different (You can actually change them at will.). Now, the second step is to keep your mind busy, but your body absolutely still. You can keep your mind busy by counting, watching the images (watch them passively!), listening to your breathing/heartbeat, or even repeating a mantra (Just in case you fall asleep, you can always get a MILD!). When counting, I suggest counting like this, “1, I’m dreaming, 2, I’m dreaming, 3, I’m dreaming, etc, I’m dreaming.” So, if you are dreaming, it’ll be easier to remember to reality check. :rc: After awhile of this, you should start seeing more geometric patterns, like this:

It should be moving, also. Those patterns are the building blocks of dreams! You should start feeling numbness in your body, and also some tingling. That’s good. It means you’re getting into a state known as sleep paralysis. Don’t worry, though, you go through it every night. Your brain makes sure you don’t act out your dreams in your sleep. Soon the geometric patterns will turn into actual images. If you do see images, you might start hearing sounds, like random mumbling, buzzing, doors opening, footsteps, your name being called, and family members/friends talking. :scared: These sounds aren’t real, they are known as hypnagogic hallucinations. The images are known as hypnagogic imagery. If your eyes were open, you’d see hypnagogic hallucinations, which could be anything from sweet unicorns, to old witches. Don’t open your eyes, though. Just keep your mind busy.
An example of some of the random imagery you’ll see is below:

These images will start moving after a while. You might see one of the moving images, think it’s a dream, and try to step in, only to be knocked right out of hypnagogia (the process of going to sleep). :ack: Just keep your mind busy. Eventually, the scene will become three dimensional. Allow yourself to be dragged into the dream naturally; don’t will yourself to enter it. Remember, to keep your mind busy! After you are in the dream, you’re on your own with deciding what to do next. Here’s an example of a complete dream scene:

Happy dreaming, fellow lucid dreamer. As I always say, “Live life to the fullest, dream dreams to fullest… in lucidity of course.” :universe: